Monday, October 5, 2009


I think I am officially getting discouraged with how long the courts are taking with Emily. I'm finding this time around MUCH more difficult and I think that's because I have something to compare it to. Brady's entire court process from Hearing to Final only took 42 days and we've currently been waiting 54 days and still don't have a First Ruling for Emily. I'm just getting this horrible feeling that we've been assigned the judge who takes his sweet old time and we won't have Emily home by Christmas. I was really hoping to have her home by Thanksgiving and given the fact that we had our Court Hearing August 12, there was a chance we could have had her home by Halloween but now that's virtually impossible. These are the times that I wish we were given some more information. If I knew what was going on or why it was taking so long I think I could take the waiting better, but this not knowing anything is just killing me.

I have been obsessing over my Yahoo Group's database and of the 6 families who listed their info or had all of the info, the average wait time from Hearing to First Ruling was 63 days, but the longest wait was 99 days, which means hopefully we'll hear something between October 14th and November 19th. Then the average wait time from First Ruling to Final Ruling was 26 days with the longest being 47 days. This would mean we would hear something between November 9th and November 30th, but it could actually be later than that if we're at the long end for both rulings.
Now I'm feeling even more discouraged!!!! UGH!!!

With any luck my next Emily post will be good news about a ruling!!!!


Journey to our baby said...

We are with JOH and TWCA and received our referral on 5/4/09. Right now we are waiting for our final ruling and the wait is so difficult! Hang in there! Both of your children are so cute and I hope you hear news of your 1st ruling very soon. I did a quick scroll down your pics and noticed that we have the same CK duvet cover. I am traveling over from Michelle's blog. Good luck.


Robin said...

Oh Beth- The waiting is SOOOOO hard. I feel for you. The closer you come to when you are supposed to hear something the harder it gets. I am thinking of you and wishing Emily home as fast as can be!
Come on Judge!

mlynne said...

Hang in there blog buddy! I second Robin - COME ON JUDGE!
Michelle (lynne)

Brandon and April said...

I soooo know how you feel!!! Our hearing is in ONE HOUR and we are holding out hope that our judge can "make it happen for us" (get us to Taiwan by our sweet boys birthday 12/11)It is so agonizing!!! They need to move it move it!!