Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today Alan and I took our second care package to Fed Ex. As you can see, we sent Brady some clothes, books, a rattler (the dog in the blue outfit), a teether (that's the brown dog on the right)and a blanket that we slept with. We also recorded books onto a cd that we are hoping the foster family will play often for Brady. Not in this picture is the photo album that we sent that has pictures of us, both sets of grandparents and a picture of his room that's waiting for him. We also included another disposable camera for the foster family to use. All of this weighed in at 3.5lbs and will get to him by the end of the week. Total cost for this service....$120!!!! Definitely worth it though when we see him in the outifts we send and with the toys we include. It's certainly fun buying all the cute stuff too!! With any luck the next set of update photos will have Brady wearing one of these outfits!

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