Sunday, July 22, 2007

Battle of the Bays!!!

Well, would you expect any less from us?? Thanks to our friend Sharleen that we met on our trip to China, Brady now has his very own Packer onesie AND a cheesehead hat(that's Ahman Green's nubmer)!! As much as I don't like the Packers, I think Brady's going to look REALLY cute with that cheese on his head! I keep telling Alan that Brady will be allowed to wear it ONCE, for a picture and that's it!! : ) Of course I'm kidding. He can wear it while watching Packer games with his daddy!! Thanks to my cousin Steve and his wife Gina, Brady has his FIRST(get my drift!!) Bucs jersey(that's Cadillac Williams' number)!! Of course he will be wearing this one ALL THE TIME!!! Maybe his first words will be "GO BUCS" or "TOUCHDOWN", or better yet, "GO RONDE"!!! Whatever it is it WON'T be anything having to do with the Packers!!! : )

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