Monday, November 12, 2007


Last week Alan, Brady and I went to Virginia. We stayed with our good friends Mark and Margi and that was fun since they have two boys, almost 5 and 3!! Most days Brady looked like he was watching a tennis match with all the running around they did! While Alan was working Brady and I were busy visiting with friends and we had a great time....but I didn't get the camera out enough. Here are a few pictures though.

Kristi and her son Kyle who is about 16 months old and he's getting a sibling on November 20th!

Brady and Kyle at dinner. Brady had fun taking some of Kyle's spaghetti and playing with it!
All bundled up for an outing to Target!
Riding Tigger...Brady was fascinated by this toy!
Hanging out playing with Bristle Blocks....Brady had fun playing with all the different toys that Mark and Margi have for their two boys!

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