Tuesday, February 5, 2008


On Wednesday, January 30th we went to Epcot. A good time was had by all for sure!! We tried to do an around the world beer tour, but that didn't last too long since we're all old now!! : ) I was a bit disappointed/annoyed that China wasn't doing something special for Chinese New Year, but we still managed to spend a good 2 hours there. It was definitely cool to watch the 360 movie there since we were just in China last March...made me want to go back!!

Brady in the shark's mouth at the Nemo ride
The 3 of us in front of the Nemo ride
Brady lookin' cute!!
Alan, Billy and the kids in China
Brady LOVED playing the bongo's at the little African place between China and Germany so much that we're planning on buying him some of his own bongos!!

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