Sunday, August 12, 2007


I emailed my caseworker to get some more information on what happens at the court hearing and the rulings and this is what I found out:

The court hearing that was just on August 6th was for the judge to obtain more information so he could make his decision. The fact that we have heard nothing is actually good news. That basically means that the judge didn't want or need any more information!!!

The civil ruling (which is next)..once we receive this, that means the judge signed the statement about his decision to finalize the adoption and this statement gets forwarded to all parties involved.

Then after the specified waiting time (I have NO IDEA how long this is) the final decree is forwarded to everybody involved. It's about 2-4 weeks after this that we'll be picking up Brady.

I also checked out the database of my "fellow blogettes"(on my Yahoo Group) to see about how long others have waited from the time of their court hearing to picking up their child and that varies greatly. It was anywhere between 7 and 18 weeks, which would put us at September 24th to December 10th!! We're obviously hoping that we'll be on the short end of the wait!!! For whatever reason, I have a good feeling that we'll be going to Taiwan in October, so let's hope I'm right!!!! : )

With any luck I'll be posting some new pictures this week, so stay tuned!


Texan in Taiwan said...

I did that math too. Call me crazy but I have a gut feeling that our court processes will be quicker than our "trailblazing" blogettes. Crossing fingers!!!

Now, where are our updates????


Katie said...

Thanks for the summary of the court process, that is helpful! I wonder if you will be faster though (I hope I hope I hope!!)

tslsue said...

OH what a cuttie!!! congrats to you both (Grandparents too)! Beth he has your twinkle and alan he has your smile. How lucky Brady is to have such wonderful parents. Thanks for the blog. It's so nice for the folks that care for you both to follow along.