Monday, November 24, 2008


Just so that everyone back home knows, Brady was properly dressed for yesterday's game... even though we didn't get to watch it. It's weird because Sunday football was always such a "thing" for us, but up here, Sunday's during football season are just Sundays because we NEVER get the opportunity to watch our Bucs. Maybe next year we'll have to look into Direct tv!!! OH, and I guess I should mention that I have taught Brady to put his arms up in the air and yell "GO BUCS"!!!

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Shana said...

We used to totally look forward to football weekends in the fall, we always watched the Gators on Saturday and then NFL (Dolphins and Patriots, especially) on Sunday's. That was before kids. Now, we find ourselves checking the Blackberry for football scores on Sunday while we are in line for a ride at Disney World. How life with children changes things, huh?