Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, so this is NOT how I put Brady to bed for his nap, but it is how I found him when I went to get him!!! It was so funny to me, that I told him I'd be right back because I had to go downstairs to get my camera. I think he thought the whole thing was funny too, because even he was laughing!!!

I just hope this isn't some new fashion trend!! This is Brady saying "cheese" for the camera!

Brady can be such a goofball, but I love it because I spend a lot of time laughing at/with him!!

*In case you can't tell what's going on with his wardrobe...he managed to get his right arm out of his long sleeve t-shirt (that's an undershirt  you see) and he took his socks off!! Funny boy!!


Shana said...

Didn't you know that is the new look for Fall?!

Tina said...

VERY Flashdance!!!! It's particularly funny, because I found LuLu with both "arms" out of her sweater today!?