Monday, January 26, 2009


Today is Chinese New Year!! Gung Xi Fa Choi!!!! This past Saturday we had dinner at Peking Gourmet with Alan's parents, his brother, sister in law and their two kids, plus Eric's new business partner and wife and my brother. As always, we had a wonderful time and some really good food. Everyone was AMAZED at how much Brady ate!!! The restaurant always brings peas in a wonton soup for him and tonight he LOVED the wontons!! He also had tons of rice, a spring roll, duck, another type of seafood soup, singapore noodles, broccoli and about 3 quarters of an orange, plus some fortune cookie and then they brought him a piece of cheesecake for his Birthday so he had a few bites of that!!!! Not sure where he puts it all, but he does seem to love food!!!

While I was getting Brady dressed to go out for dinner I did what I usually do, I told him what the plan for the evening was. I also told him who all was going to be there. So, while we were in the car on the way to dinner Brady starts saying, "Pam, Eric, Po Po, Gung Gung, Ashley, Preston, Michael"!!! It was so cute and cool at the same time because it was totally unprompted and he said Pam a few times before we realized what he was talking about!! He's really quite smart and I think we're going to be in trouble later!!!

Preston, Aunt Pam and Brady

Brady giving Po Po a kiss

Eating a duck leg
Po Po and Gung Gung

Eating a spring roll

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Shana said...

Happy CNY! Looks like you had a great time! How wonderful that Brady could celebrate with family!