Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yesterday we had enough snow to go out and play, so we did. Brady wasn't so sure of it at first as you can tell by the first picture!! However, once we got outside he really did seem to like it, but I couldn't get him to go in his new sled until later in the evening. We enjoyed the snow and made some snow balls and watched Chelsea run around it...she LOVED it!!! I'm really hoping that we get some more snow over the weekend!!

my not so happy camper!!!

MUCH happier now!!

Having fun playing in the snow

OOOO, this sled IS fun!!!

"Helping" daddy with the shoveling


Shana said...

How fun! Much different than your Florida days, huh? Love Brady's snow suit too, how cute?!

Chris said...

That is SOOO adorable!
I can't imagine what he must have thought at first-of course, Tyler was not too thrilled last year either-it was way tooo cold for his warm blood, but this year, wow, he loves the snow, just not the cold!
SO glad Brady decided to enjoy sled rides, those make the best pictures!

Joe and Jane said...

Could he have a bigger smile! What fun!!

Stefanie said...

What a cutie all bundled up in his winter gear! Glad he figured out that snow is fun, and that a sled with snow is even more fun! I bet Alan is glad to have a helper with snow removal ;-)