Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A few Saturday's ago I spent the ENTIRE day out with some girlfriends!!! Kristi, Margi and I, the 3 mom's, went with our pregnant friend, Cassie, to help her register for all things baby!!! Then we went to lunch and did some shopping before bringing Cassie back home so she could nap!! To top off our day, Kristi, Margi and I then went to a movie!!! Needless to say it was a wonderful day and one that was very much needed!!

Not to be outdone by the ladies, the guys managed to have some fun that day too!! Alan, Brady, Mark (Margi's husband) and his two boys, Ty and Blake started the morning off with bowling followed by lunch, where Cassie's husband Paul and my brother Michael joined them. After lunch Alan, Brady, Paul and Michael came back to our house and hung out until we brought Cassie home!!!

A fun day for everyone!!!

Paul and Brady reading books

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Shana said...

What a fun day for you! You deserve it!