Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We found out a few weeks ago that we will be fingerprinted by USCIS on February 17th!! I was actually quite pleased with that appointment time. It only took them a week to get back to us and I think the date is actually pretty quick too!! Once we get fingerprinted then we wait to get our I-171H. At that point we are "eligible" to receive a referral from our Agency!! So, let's hope that we get our I-171H in a relatively quick time, because if I go by what the gov't website says, then we'll be waiting A LONG TIME, and that wouldn't be good!! Believe it or not, I think we're getting close....FINALLY!!!


Stefanie said...

I am so excited that things are moving along! YAY!!!

And Brady has learned some serious new dance moves!!! I think Eiley needs a lesson :)

Katie said...

good luck, Beth! Hope you hear something soon!!!!

Shana said...

I am hoping for a quick referral for you guys! This is so exciting!