Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last Tuesday morning I was woken up by Brady saying "mommy" at 3 o'clock in the morning because he had thrown up! Poor thing threw up 3 more times by 7am, which meant of course, we were doing laundry at that hour!!! Thank goodness for the front load washer we have that has a sanitary setting!!! As if the throwing up wasn't bad enough, we were also dealing with diarreaha!!! After a call to the doctor and being asked to come in, we were told that Brady had the Roto Virus, but luckily did not have strep!!! (the nurse I spoke to on the phone was thinking that he might because he also had a fever and said that his throat hurt).  

We were supposed to fly out Wednesday afternoon to Tampa for the always fun Gasparilla weekend, but we decided that it would not be in our best interest, even though the doctor said we could. As disappointed as we were that we didn't go, we really feel that we made the right decision. Most disappointing was the fact that we had planned to take Brady to Disney World on his Birthday(the 5th), but  instead we were sitting at home.

 In an eerie coincidence, it turns out that by not going we probably saved ourselves hundreds of dollars in home repair costs!!! Let me explain....I was sitting on the couch downstairs in the basement on Friday and happened to look up and notice a fairly large water stain on the ceiling.  Alan reached up and touched it and sure enough it was wet!!! Turns out the water connection to the refrigerator was leaking and must have been for some time. Had we gone out of town we may have come home to a hole in the ceiling!!!

Brady was on the mend by Friday, but we still took it easy over the weekend, even though we did manage to get out and take a walk in the gorgeous 60 degree weather!!! I'd have to say that as of today he's pretty much back to his old self again, with the exception of his sleeping. He's been getting up before 7 for the past  several days and that's just too early for my little guy who really likes his sleep, not to mention his mother who has gotten used to him not getting up until 8 most mornings!!!

And on another positive note, we've rescheduled our trip for March, but this time Brady and I will be home for close to 2 weeks and Alan will join us for about 4 days at the tail end of our trip. We're planning on taking Brady Disney then too!!! I think in the big picture this actually works out better since I'll have more time to visit with friends not to mention that my parents will get to spend more time with Brady.

Here's a few pictures of our walk!

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Shana said...

So glad Brady is feeling better and I am glad you caught the possible home disaster, yikes! We missed you but we will still be here in March when you visit. Can't wait to "meet" you guys even though I already feel like I know you. How funny!