Thursday, December 10, 2009

Since We've Been Home

Wow, I feel like we've been busy since we've been home, but I guess that's because we got home the week of Thanksgiving and then of course we've been getting ready for Christmas too! We've been having fun getting to know Emily and watching her and Brady together. I have to say that most of the time Brady is very good with his new little sister, but of course there are "moments" yesterday when I had to explain to him that she is too little to have a pillow fight with!!! LOL (I'm not ever sure where he learned about pillow fights!!!). He's very sweet with her and checks on her if she is crying but then he'll turn around and take one of her toys away from her!!! I've guess I've got 18 years of that to look forward to!! LOL. Anyway, here's what we've been doing since we got home:

Emily loves her exersaucer and bouncer!! (if you look to the left and scroll down you'll see a similar picture of Brady and that too was just after we arrived home!!)

Proud Big Brother

I LOVE this one!!!

she's awfully proud of herself and her standing skills!

she had just figured out how to do raspberries!! LOL

Brady and my mom sharing a snack!! (Brady is usually pretty close to whoever has food!!)

Emily, Pop Pop and Brady

Emily showing off her new hat that my friend Heather made!!!

I'm not sure if Brady is pushing her away or if he was liking this!!LOL

a self portrait of me and Brady!

Brady took these two pictures of me and Emily "all my buyin self" (ah, that's Brady speak for "all by myself") I happen to think he did an excellent job!!

we put up he Christmas tree!!

A little mommy and Brady snuggle/tickle time!!

Getting to know Chelsea, who is being AWESOME!!! I'm not sure if it's because she's "used to" having kids around or if it's because Emily is a girl, but it's pretty amazing how different she is to Emily compared to how she was with Brady when we first brought him home!!

Playing together

having fun with all her toys!

Brady putting on a show!! He is SUCH a performer and we LOVE it!!

Our first picture as a family of 4!!! I LOVE IT!!! :-)


Shana said...

Great family photo! Brady seems to be doing so well with his new sister, how great!

Debberoo said...

I love all these family photos, what a happy boy our Brady is and Emily is just soooo cute!

I LOVE your dog, so precious that she is being so gentle with Emily.

Joe and Jane said...

I love the picture of the kids looking at each other, so sweet!