Friday, February 4, 2011

Florida Vacation

We just returned from a week vacation in Florida and while we had a nice time I've come to the conclusion that January vacations are not for us! We pretty much go to Florida every year in January too, so this is sort of a problem!! LOL. Let me explain: In 2009 we were supposed to go home for G@sparilla but had to cancel our trip because Brady came down with the Roto Virus a day or two before we were to leave; in 2010, we had to take Emily to the hospital 3 different times and she only got to spend one day at Disney and THEN we got stuck there for an extra 3 days because there was about 20+ inches of snow on the ground in VA; this year I came down with the flu and felt so bad that we called and changed my flight to the next day, but quickly reconsider that b/c of the impending snow and called and changed back to my regularly scheduled flight (to the tune of $200 I might add), so I ended up flying to Florida with a 101.9 fever! And of course, by the end of the week both kids had gotten the flu as well!!! AI YI YI!!! We're all on the mend now, and as I said, we did end up having a really good time, so I guess we'll continue going to Florida in January!!!

Thanks to my parents, Alan and I got 3 nights to ourselves, which was very nice and much needed!!! We spent the first weekend at Gasparilla with all of our friends from Alan's Krewe, which was really tons of fun!! And then we got to spend Monday night at a Spa, complete with massages the following morning!!! AHHHHHHHHHH. The kids had a great time with my parents and hardly missed us, but Brady definitely noticed we weren't around much b/c he told one of the ladies at my parents office, "my parents aren't around much, they come and go"!!!!

OMG the sunshine was SO SO nice!!! I don't mind the cold weather, but I DEFINITELY miss the sunshine during the winter. Here are a few pictures of the kids from an afternoon we spent at the park!!

I"m SO thrilled to FINALLY get some pictures of Emily smiling!!!

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Shana said...

Wow, you have had some bad luck! Glad it all worked out and you guys got some rest, sort of. Brady just cracked me up with his comment. Can't wait to see you this summer, hopefully:)