Monday, February 14, 2011

Brady Turns FOUR!!!

Holy cow! Where does the time go? I cannot believe my sweet boy is already 4 (actual birthday was Feb 5)! He is so much fun (most of the time) and so, so eager to learn....anything and everthing!! He is constantly asking me to spell words and asking me what words mean. The kid is a sponge!! And he is SUCH an awesome big brother!! He really looks after Emily and takes care of her. He loves her so much and I love it!! When they are away from each other for long periods of time, he always says, "I miss Em-i-we"!!! We are so happy and proud to have Brady and be able to call him our son!! We love you, Brady!!!

To celebrate his Birthday we had his party at a bounce place and it was a blast!! There were only 10 kids, but it was nice having the whole place to ourselves!! It was such a stress free party too, I LOVED it!! They took care of EVERYTHING and it was so nice!!! From a parking space, to a cupcake "tree" to writing down who gave Brady which presents, it was AWESOME!!! This might just be the place to have every Birthday!!! LOL

Nyah running around having fun!

Blake at the bottom of the slide

Billy and Emily

Kayla climbing up!

Kyle coming through the maze

Brady and Ewan at the bottom of the maze


I know it's not clear, but it's a face of pure joy!!

Billy having some fun!!

Paul and David

Me and Emily

The brothers jousting!!

Nyah and Peyton battling it out!

Ewan and Kyle

Brady and Kayla

The whole gang!! (Kyle, Kayla, Nyah, Ewan Ty, Blake, Peyton, Emily and Brady)

Brady waiting to blow out his candle

The whole group before opening presents

Peyton with purple icing lips

Emily and Blake....Emily's face cracks me up!! LOL

Present time!!! :-) LOTS of legos....which will make Brady AND Alan happy!! LOL

Thanks to all who helped Brady celebrate his birthday!!! We all had a great time!!


Joe and Jane said...

Happy birthday Brady! What a fabulous party!

Marina said...

it seems like a great party :)

Stefanie said...

Happy 4th Birthday Brady!!! That party looked awesome and I LOVE that you only had to show up :-) Great idea - I'll be keeping it in mind!

Claudia said...

Hello :) Since this seems to be the only way to contact you [I've searched your blog over and over again], I'm going to ask my question here.
I've found your blog by simply browsing, and I'm simply loving your template. I tried to click the address you posted at "blog design by", and nothing! Could you please tell me where did you get it?
Thanks :)

Beth said...


A few years (maybe 2) ago some ladies were doing "blogovers" but they have since stopped, that's why the link isn't working. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

voguelove said...
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Shana said...

Happy 4th birthday Brady! You are so smart, inquistive and full of life. And you are one awesome big bro!

Sounds like my kind of party, less stress, more fun!!