Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Blog Worthy"

About 2 weeks ago or so, a friend of mine and I were exchanging emails about getting together over Spring Break and at the end of one she asked, "when are you going to update the blog?". My reply to her was something like, 'I feel like we haven't done anything "blog worthy" lately'. WELL, that will be the last time I say that!!! Not 3 days later, we got to spend the night in the hospital with Emily!!! She had been having some looser than usual stools, but at first I didn't worry, as this sometimes happens with her. Then on Saturday, March 26th, we took the kids to see The Blue M@n Group. Well, I had to take Em out somewhere close to the end b/c she was getting fidgety and saying "boop, boop" (poop, poop). So I went and checked that out, which was nothing so we were just about back to our seats and she started saying it again, so back to the bathroom we went. This time she was holding her stomach while saying it and really fussing, to the point that we left the theater altogether, which is when she proceeded to throw up! I was SO thankful we were outside and NOT inside the theater!!! Anyway, I had managed to send a text to Alan that said, 'we need to leave NOW', so luckily he, Brady and my brother were outside pretty quick. At that point I decided we needed to go the hospital. We went back to our house so my brother could get his car and so we could take 2 cars to the hospital. As suspected, Emily was diagnosed with the stomach virus and dehydration and the ER DR. wanted her kept overnight to monitor her.

Getting the IV in Emily was something to watch!!! I have often said that changing her diaper is like wrestling an alligator, well, getting an IV in her is more like wrestling an elephant!!! LOL. I will say, that having 2 nurses comment on how strong she is made me feel a bit better knowing I'm not just some weakling!! (which I know I'm not, but still!!) They ended up having to use something called a "pappoose" (sp?), which is basically a backboard with a straight jacket like jacket attached. In the end she looked like a human burrito!!! Somehow I found the whole thing more comical than sad, which is probably a good thing!! Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for Emily, I did NOT have my camera with me then, so no pictures.

After a long wait in the ER we finally got up to her room around 10 or so. The room was nice.. a recliner, a crib and a bed for me, plus our own bathroom! I had no idea what to expect, so this was far better than I had imagined!! Now, as for sleeping with that IV in...AI YI YI!!! The machine must have gone off a million times. EVERY time she moved, or every time there was the slightest pressure or kink in the cord. I think I finally fell asleep sometime around 2 or so, but I have to say I did sleep well until about 6 when someone came in the room. Brady and Alan came back up in the morning so we basically spent the better part of Sunday at the hospital as a family. Emily was finally back home around 2:30 or so. She's no worse the wear and all back to normal!!! Unfortunately for me, I managed to get whatever it was she had and I was laid up for the better part of 3 days at home!!! I think we've finally escaped the virus at this point!!!

The moral of this story is, I will no long wish/wait for something "blogworthy" to post about!!!

Emily and me lounging

feeling better at this point so she could play with Brady

walking around in my shoes!! That big cast looking thing on her arm is all for the IV!!

Playing in the closet!

just trying to contain her since she was still hooked up to the IV

our room


Joe and Jane said...

Poor little kiddo! I'm glad she's doing better and I'm sorry you caught it!

Anonymous said...

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