Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Fun

We've had a few nice days weather-wise lately so we've been able to get outside and have some fun! I'm SO OVER the drab and dreary weather that seems to be lingering....I'm hoping the sunshine is here to stay! Anyway, here's some of the fun things we've been doing!

Emily LOVES bubbles!!

my ham...always willing to pose for a picture...with a smile!!!

Artists at work

Emily making some new friends!! :-) She had a nice conversation with them!! LOL


Stefanie said...

That sunshine-y weather looks wonderful! The kids are getting so big! Eiley loves bubbles, too!

So glad Emily is feeling better and you only had to stay in the hospital one day! Poor thing :-(

Did I ever tell you my sister's youngest daughter has dislocated her elbow twice already (she's only 10 months old!) Made me feel a little better ;-) Thought you might like to hear that!

Michelle said...

RRR such cute pics, looks like lots of fun. Im loving the sun too, while it lasts anyway.
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Anonymous said...

Awww sooo cute and haha her friend is cute!!lol:)<3

hapi said...

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