Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Okay, we can officially check off USCIS Fingerprints on our "to do" list!! We had "appointments" today....and I use the term 'appointment' loosely!! Our 'appointment' was for 2pm and, yep, you guessed it, we sat there until about 10 after 3 before we were called!! UUUGGHHHH....that kind of stuff just really annoys seems so inefficient, and you all know how anal I am!!! Anway, the whole thing was very surreal...just an odd afternoon. You walk in and there's this line formation right at the door with a security guard there looking very "not nice"...he asks for our paperwork and ID's, checks to make sure we are who we're supposed to be and then "POOF" he's this totally nice guy and asks how many kids we're adopting and proceeds to tell us the story of someone else from last week. So, we got some more paperwork to fill out, which we did, and then we had to get in this other line and guess who's behind that counter??? YEP, the same security guard who greeted us at the front door...kinda bizzare. He gives us numbers, 504 and 505...they were on 484!!!! And I thought we had an APPOINTMENT!!! So, we sat there, in a very specified area...there were 3 distinct areas and man if you sat in the wrong area, WATCH OUT!!! I mean some guy was told that he couldn't stand, he HAD to sit!!! And then some guy had his wife sitting with him, well apparently that was a no-no so she had to move. And then later a lady comes in with her son and comes to our area to sit down and there were PLENTY of empty seats, but she chose to sit right next to Alan, again very bizzare. Then at about quarter to 3 or so some of the employees start taking out the trash and cleaning the windows and doing what looked to be "closing duties"...mind you they don't close til 4!!!! And then, the speed at which these people work....sheesh. Now, I will say that once our numbers were called it was very efficient and really kinda cool because it was all more ink!!! The whole thing was just werid, but at least it's done!!! NOW, if we'd just get THE CALL with our referral information!!!

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Kel said...

Kudos on having patience. Although it is probably easier to be patient when you know what you will gain from the wait. Thinking of you both.