Monday, April 23, 2007


At this point we are waiting for our I-171H form from Immigration. Once we receive that our dossier will be compiled and sent to Taiwan. At that point we then wait for our paperwork to move through the Taiwan court system.(from what I've read on the message boards that I belong to, there is a "fast judge" and a "slow judge", so keep your fingers crossed that we get the fast guy!!) They tell us that from the time we receive our referral to the time we travel will be about 4 to 8 months. I'm sure it will kill us to wait, but in the meantime we will receive monthly updates and photo's. At some point we are allowed to send him care packages too!! I'm looking forward to doing that and then seeing pictures with things that we have sent him.

Other than that, we're just trying to finalize his name. I think we've got the first name, but I want to be sure before I post. We are getting some help from Alan's parents on the middle name. I'll be sure to post once we decide SOMETHING!!!!

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Sharleen Biever said...

Beth & Alan,
I just got back to KC from our house in Texas and was delighted to hear from you. That little boy is sure a heart stealer (he has mine already). Hope you will have him in your arms soon. I going to a luncheon on Monday with our KC group from the trip and will try to send you some pictures, but I am technically deficient so it may take me a while. Thank God for the grandchildren. If I can get them between their numerous activities they will help me.
Off now to our grandaughter's 16th birthday party!