Thursday, September 20, 2007

Appointment Confirmations

I think we're all set at this point. We are scheduled to pick up Brady Monday October 1st at 2pm, which is Sunday 2am for anyone on the east coast. Our AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) appointment is scheduled for Wednesday October 3rd and that's when we "apply" for Brady's Visa. We may or may not be asked some questions and we may or may not be asked to produce any or all of the MOUNDS of paperwork that we have to take with us. The following day we go back to AIT to pick up the Visa. We will be doing some sightseeing while we're there as well. I've contacted the driver that all of the "blogettes" ahead of us have used and just mentioned a few places to him. HOLY COW, I almost forgot....we're actually getting some money BACK!!!! Because we are picking Brady up two days "early" we will get $57 back!!!! I think I'm still in shock! We have a "travel talk" scheduled for later this afternoon with our caseworker and the gentlemen that runs the Taiwan program so I'll post again if I learn anything spectacular. Now it's time to get back to getting ready!! : )


Ginchygirl said...

Beth and Alan

As you get ready to depart I am fondly reminded of two years ago today when we held Peyton for the first time in China. There are so many emotions; excitement, anxiety, exhaustion, happiness and shear panic – but no one can ever accurately describe in words what it is like to hold your child for the first time, especially after the journey through adoption. It’s time now to let go of the worry; have I packed everything, did I cancel the mail, do we have all our paperwork, the checking and double checking can be maddening. Just enjoy the ride…it will be a beautiful experience and I am just so thrilled for you both. I can’t wait to meet Brady. Billy and I will be thinking about you and praying for a successful trip; safe travels, a smooth paperwork process but most of all lots of bonding.

Heather and Billy

Katie said...

That is too funny! What on earth are your going to do with your $57!?!?! Don't spend it all in one place or anything - maybe you can send Brady to college with it!