Thursday, September 6, 2007

NO NEWS.....

YET!!!! Well, we didn't get our call yesterday, but I'm still holding out hope that it will be sooner than later. Our caseworker who has worked with us since the beginning left our agency to move to Canada for another job, so we now have a new caseworker, which is making me a little nervous, just because we're soclose to the end at this point. I did get in touch with her yesterday to make sure she had the right contact numbers for us and to tell her that while we're on our cruise next week she needs to call Alan's phone since mine won't work. I was a bit relieved when she made a comment referring to the fact that we're waiting on our Final Ruling, so at least she seems to be up to speed and our file isn't sitting in a pile on a desk. I really liked our other caseworker so I'm sad to see her go, but she's gotta do what's right for her.

I'm trying to not jump every time my cell phone rings, but that's REALLY hard to do at this point. I'm off to run some errands in the hope that my mind will stay busy with other things.... it's doubtful, but worth a try nonetheless!!!

Stay tuned for the good news.....and hopefully it will be sooner than later!!!

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Katie said...

Just thinking about you. Hope you're enjoying your "final voyage" and hope you've gotten that magic call already :-)