Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, we got THE CALL!!! I'd love to say that the call went like I had imagined it would, but it didn't. As most of you know, we just returned from a cruise and when I got off the boat this morning (in Miami) I had 2 voicemails. So, I called my voicemail and got VERY excited when I realized the call was from our agency, but my excitement quickly changed to panick as I listened to the message. The first message went something like this..."I sent you an email yesterday with some very important information and I need you to contact me as soon as possible".....the tone of her voice was more important sounding than happy news sounding, so I was panicking a bit. Then I hear the second message and it's more of the same plus I realized both of these messages had been left on a Saturday so I REALLY started freaking out!!! Not to mention that we wouldn't be able to check email until we got back to Tampa in 4-5 hours!!! So, I decided to call some friends and have them check my email for me and guess what....NO EMAIL!!!!(THANKS Jim and Sherry!!!) So, now I'm even more frustrated by the whole thing because we realized that she must have only emailed the info to Alan's work email!!! So, we finally got back to my parents house and I log on to check my email and so did Alan and at the same time my mom was playing back their phone messages from the week and there was one from our caseworker since they are listed as our "in case of emergency" contact, and I'm carefully listening to the message until I hear Alan say "Suan Final Ruling"!!!!! With that, I'm up off the chair and peering over his back in no time!!! So, needless to say, it didn't happen how I had imagined, but WHO CARES since Brady is NOW OFFICIALLY OURS!!!! We are to pick him up on or before October 3rd so that we don't have to pay any extra foster care fees (we paid for 6 months up front). We're going to try and use frequent flyer miles but we can't do any of that until tomorrow. We're thinking we'll leave here around September 28th and return October 7th or 8th, assuming there is availability. As soon as I know our itinerary I'll post again. We can't wait to pick up this cute smiling face and finally be a family of 3!!! : )


Jim said...

Alan & Beth,

Sherry & I are SO excited for you, and double excited for Brady too! Hard to believe that in a few short weeks he'll be home!

Griff said...

Congratulations! We are very excited that this is finally done! Have a great trip, and look forward to meeting little Brady when you get back.

Steve & Sarah

Sharleen Biever said...

I've got Goose Bumps--I'm so excited for you! Hope the trip goes smoothly and you all are home soon. This will be your best Christmas ever.