Thursday, October 16, 2008


Brady loves the show YO GABBA GABBA. It's a weird show to say the least, but Brady is mesmerized by it. There's this guy dressed in an orange jumpsuit with an orange wig who has a silver case of "monsters" that come to life. They sing and dance and always have a good message. There are also segments that have kids dancing and/or singing and doing "cool tricks". I believe there are five "monsters", I don't know all of their names, but there is a red guy, a blue girl, a pink girl, a yellow robot type and there's also Brobee, the green striped guy. I was in Target(in Miami) over the weekend and lo and behold, who did see?? BROBEE and a few of the other characters so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get one for Brady!! Brady likes this show so much that I can actually cook dinner without having him under my feet, which is nice!! It comes on twice a day so I record one episode for emergencies and I let him watch the other episode. I guess this show is starting to become popular because I just read or saw that a DVD has come out, so I'll have to get that for sure!! After thinking about it, I've decided that it reminds me of a show my brother and I used to watch called "The Electric Company" that was on in the early 70's. Anyway, without further ado:

Brady's checking him out

Brady, Brobee and half of Chelsea!

Oh, I forgot to mention that this Brobee talks and sings!! Brady is pushing his hand to get him to talk.


Shana said...

That show is strange, to say the least, but the kids love it!! You are right it does remind me of Electric Company, which I also thought was strange when I was a kid. It amazes me what just mesmerizes kids:)

Stefanie said...

I LOVED The Electric Company! Maybe Eiley and I need to check out Brady's favorite show...I would sure love to be able to cook dinner without worrying about stepping on my daughter ;-)

Joe and Jane said...

We've never watched it...but Jia loves Kai-Lan and I keep waiting for them to make a Kai-Lan doll! We'll have to check out Brady's show for the time being!

Karin and Rob said...

I was trying to remember the name of that show after you mentioned it at dinner. We'll have to check it out! I loved the Electric Company too. Brady's expressions are so cute as he's checking out his new toy!