Thursday, October 30, 2008


First let me apologize for the order of my pictures. I'm having a problem with blogger in that it reverses the order of my pictures after I upload them. (I'll work on figuring out how to correct the problem!)

Last Saturday we carved our pumpkin and had fun for the most part! Brady certainly didn't seem to mind taking the "guts" out or anything, but we couldn't find a comfortable place for him to stand to be able to reach inside....I guess we'll work on that for next year!

the finished pumpkin on the front porch!

standing on the table so he could reach inside to get the guts

studying the guts

standing on a step stool wasn't quite high enough

the process begins!


Katie said...

Oh very cute! He is just very intrigued, isn't he??? :-)

I was laughing at your Broobee post - isn't that the strangest show? Leo loves it too and I don't get it!!

Shana Giroux said...

So funny! We couldn't find a right place for the girls to be able to pick out the yucky stuff so Haley had to stand on the counter too. Mia was tall enough, barely. Kyan, not interested, at all:) Great jack-o-lantern!