Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've been putting Brady in time for a few weeks now when he doesn't behave. I think he gets that he's done something I don't like, but I'm not so sure he knows it's a bad thing to go to time out because when he starts misbehaving and I ask "do you want to go to time out", he responds with, "yeah", with a smile on his face. Of course this usually makes me laugh, so I have to be careful about that. This morning I put him in time out 3 times within the first hour he was up!! The first two times he wasn't listening when I told him "no" and the last time was when he threw one of his blocks at Chelsea (the dog) and hit her square in the face. He definitely knew I was upset with him then. (this throwing incident was after he had dropped his shoe from upstairs and Chelsea was laying on the landing waiting for us so she got hit then too!!) Amazingly he started behaving like a perfect angel after the 3rd time in time out...he even listened when I said "no" to him! This parenting a toddler, or almost toddler is going to be fun stuff, I can tell!!

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Shana said...

I feel your pain! We got this book "1,2, 3, Magic" for Haley and it worked great! Drew may be a little young for it though, you may want to just glimpse through it at the bookstore, for the future. And OHHHHHH, what you are in store for in the future! LOL!