Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I know this post is late, but things were sort of hectic around here! My parents and one of my Aunts were here for 9 days, so time just seemed to get away from me, I guess!!! We got to spend Christmas Eve with Brady's Uncle Eric, Aunt Pam and cousins Preston and Ashley!! Christmas Day was spent with my parents, Aunt and brother in the morning and then the rest of my family came over for Christmas Dinner, so we had a total of 15 here!! Needless to say, Brady had a great time celebrating with all the family!! Being the good boy that he was all year, he ended up getting a TON of presents....a word he quickly learned!!! He did get a bit overwhelmed at one point, so we actually saved a few gifts for him to open later, which he gladly did. He was also a great help passing out the presents to everyone too!

Here are some pictures of Chrismas morning ( I was very bad and didn't take any pictures Christmas Eve or later in the day on Christmas)

Brady in his bounce house!

Playing his new drum...and lovin' it!!

Using his new lawn mower, which he LOVES!!(of course, because it's the loudest toy we gave him!!!)

Brady's reaction when we first saw all of his loot!!

All of Brady's loot!


Joe and Jane said...

Wow! He sure did get some loot! I don't think I've ever seen such a big ring of presents around a tree! Glad he enjoyed them all!

Stefanie said...

That bounce house looks SUPER fun!!! Glad you had a wonderful holiday and got to spend so much time with family. Brady just keeps getting cuter :-) (Do I say that every time?!?!)

Shana said...

What a great Christams for Brady! I love his reaction, he's like "what on Earth is going on", it is so cute!