Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I thought I would post about a few funny things that Brady has been doing lately!! My favorite thing is his pretending to sleep!! He even snores!!! Yesterday we were at AC Moore (which is like a Michael's or Joann's) and the check out lady starting talking to him and I guess he didn't want to talk to her because he put his head down, closed his eyes and started snoring!!!! TOO FUNNY!!

If Chelsea gets too close to me, he comes over and BACKS into her to make her move out of the way!!! This gets very tricky in the bathroom!!! The other thing that he is doing to Chelsea, which isn't particularly funny, but worth noting, is when she's laying down, minding her own business, he walks over and scoots his feet under her, which of course makes her get up and move!!! Poor thing!! Obviously, Alan and I are working on this!!!

I'm not sure if most almost 2 year olds fall a lot, but Brady does. I'm always asking him, "are you okay?", so lately when he falls, he immediately says, "K" before I even have a chance to ask!!

He dances to music randomly!! Meaning, he'll be playing in the family room and a commercial will come on and he'll stop what he's doing, dance for the duration of the commercial, and then go back to playing when it's over!! Also, when we're at the mall and we go by stores like Abercrombie and Fitch who have their music BLARING (I must be getting old, to say that!!) he dances (as much as he can in the stroller) for the walk by and then immediately stops!!! I really need to get some of this dancing on video because it has "improved" since the last time I uploaded video with his dancing skills!

This is just today...his butt is itchy ( I think it's dry skin), so I put some lotion on him and told him that mom made it better, so now he's walking around scratching his butt, saying "boo boo" followed by "mom"!!!! It's really quite funny!!!

And just the past few days, all animals growl!!! Last night we were looking at a book and I asked him what the horse says and his response was, "roar"!!! 

Brady is still LOTS of fun as you can see, but we are definitely approaching the terrible two's and I am NOT looking forward to that! He's quite stubborn and definitely knows what he wants, so I think we've got some interesting days in front of us!!! He continues to talk up a storm and amazes me with his association of things....for example the other day he was playing with a Happy Meal toy and he pointed to Ronald McDonald, so I told him who it was. Well, he proceeded to put the toy down and go over to his other toys and he came back with his Old MacDonald tractor and animals!!! Often when I'm talking to my mom and I tell him I'm talking to Grandma, he then says, Pop Pop (which is what he calls my dad)!! On at least 2 occasions I have been talking to Alan and I've said, "your dad" to him, and Brady will say, "Gung Gung" (which is what he calls Alan's dad)!!! He also knows which friends belong to which mom... If I tell him we're going to meet Kayla and Kyle, he'll say "Kristi" or if I say we're going to see Blake, he'll say "Margi". I have no idea if this is normal or above normal for an almost 2 year old, but nonetheless, it completely amazes me that he comprehends all this!!! I do talk to Brady A LOT, so maybe that is part of it, I don't know, but whatever it is, I think it's amazing!!!Of course all of this means, that I've REALLY got to start watching what I say in front of him!!!


Joe and Jane said...

Love the pretend sleeping! How I wish I could do that if I'm in boring meetings or didn't want to talk to someone!

Stefanie said...

Beth, I laughed out loud at your story about Brady pretend sleeping when the cashier at the store was trying to talk to him!!! That is just hilarious :-) Sounds like Brady is one smart little cookie!

Shana said...

Brady is so smart!! I think it is great that you talk, talk, talk, to him, it is soooo important. I would also like to see some dancing skills on video:)