Thursday, December 4, 2008


You see, my mom usually helps me decorate for Christmas at least the first year we're in a new house, and as you all know this is our first year in this house, but my mom is NOT helping me!! Now, granted we live a lot further away than we have in the past so it's not so easy this year, but I NEED HELP!!! This is a big house and this year we have to keep in mind that there's a little someone who lives here that is VERY interested in things and likes to touch most of those things, so that kind of eliminates some of our decorating possibilities. Not to mention that we started off the holiday season by realizing that the tree we've had for the past 3 years, that is AWESOME, that we both LOVE, didn't fit in this house!!! So, I actually bought 3 trees and we picked the best one, but it still doesn't fill the shoes of our old tree!! Anyway, back to my mom, I wish we had planned better so that she could have come up here to help me out. She's one of those types who doesn't allow any breaks until the job is completed (if she were here, I CERTAINLY would not be on the computer right now!!) and makes me get things done.... there is no procrastinating  when she's around!!! To prove my point that it's not as easy without her I've included some pictures of my disastrous living room and undecorated tree!!!

bins, bins and more bins, everywhere!!

My goal is to have it all cleaned up today!!! So, I guess that means I need to get off the computer and go get to work!!!

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Shana said...

OMG!! It looks like Christmas exploded in your living room and then forgot to clean up! Man, you guys have a lot of Christmas stuff! Brady must be getting really excited?!

You can do this Beth! Mom, will be proud when it is all done:)