Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I copied this from my entry in 2007 and added a few bits of information that I now understand better:

The court hearing that was just on August 12th was for the judge to obtain more information so he could make his decision. The fact that we have heard nothing is actually good news. That basically means that the judge didn't want or need any more information!!! (edit: it's only been 24 hours so let's hope my phone continues to be silent!!)

The civil ruling (which is next)..once we receive this, that means the judge signed the statement about his decision to finalize the adoption and this statement gets forwarded to all parties involved. We will NOT get notified of this step before it happens, only once it has taken place. (edit: I looked in my Yahoo group database and the average time between court hearing to civil ruling is all over the place!!! It ranges from 17 days (YAY ROBIN!!!) to 14 weeks and counting. There are 3 families at the 14 week mark and MAN, my heart goes out to them!!!! I know the waiting sucks and there's nothing I can do, I just feel awful for them. With any luck they will all hear VERY soon!!!)

The Final ruling can come any time after 10 days have passed from receiving the civil ruling. The final ruling is then forwarded to all parties involved and at that time we are invited to travel to Taiwan to pick up Emily!

This time around it seems the time from final ruling to travel is QUICK!!!!! One family received their final ruling on a Monday and left that Friday to be in Taiwan to pick up their daughter Monday....C-A-R-A-A-Z-Y!!!! There have been at least 2 other very quick travels that I know of so this has me a little freaked out right now. We still have TONS to do, like: paint Emily's room; paint the existing twin beds we have black and move those into Brady's room; transition Brady to sleeping in those; move Brady's current furniture into Emily's room; buy new furniture for Brady (I do know what we're getting, we just have to go buy it); decorate Emily's room; wash all of Emily's clothes and a laundry list of other things I'd like to get done around the house NOW, before we have 2 kiddo's running around!!! LOL Not to mention that I would REALLY REALLY like to have Brady potty trained before Emily comes home!!! Not sure that one is going to get checked off the to-do list!!!

I hope to get Emily's August update pictures next week, so check back!!!


Robin said...

Yea! So happy your court hearing has taken place.I hope you get your first ruling very quickly too! I hope you will be able to accomplish everything...but potty training a boy is a wildcard. Best of luck though:)
Thanks for all your great comments on my blog. You always make me smile:)

Proud Mama & Papa said...

OMG - your to do list is makes me tired thinking about it. :) At the rate your case is moving (knock on wood), you may not have much time to get this stuff done.

Stevens Family said...

Hi there. I found your blog while researching possible countries for child #2; our daughter was adopted from Vietnam last year. Congratulations on your upcoming additon :) Very exciting; seems you're close to travel. I have a friend who had a failed adoption through CAI; such a sad situation.

All the best through your journey to #2.