Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here are Emily's August update pictures and video!! I was VERY excited to see that she's wearing a dress we sent in the video!! We also got new measurements and while she's growing she seems quite little to me (in comparison to Brady, who is by no means big!!!). She is 11 lbs and 21.65 inches long. I really LOVE this pictures as she seems to be showing much more personality that she had in her referral pics or the pictures we got last month and I LOVE that the TWCA workers were able to get a little smile out of her in the video!!!

In other news, we are getting Emily's room ready for her. I managed to get one coat of paint on the walls Monday during Brady's nap time so we just need to cut in and do the trim (Alan's job!) and then I'd like to get one more coat on before we're truly done! I'll be sure to post pictures once it's all finished and set up. For now, take a look at our cutie patootie!!!!



Shana said...

When looking at that first pic of Emily I said out loud "Oh my God, how cute!". She is just precious!!! Glad to hear you are making progress on the room, lots of work, I know. Can't wait to see it!

Katie said...

So cute! Love the dress!

KB said...

Adorable. I like her flexing her toes, too.

How old is she here?

Robin said...

Such a cutie pie! The dress is adorable on her. Yeah!

mlynneruss said...

Hi - I'm making mini-introductions to a few of the blogs which we have been following for a couple of months. We are a Gladney family adopting from Taiwan, TWCA prog. We are in the Tampa area and have a family of 5: (B)16, (B)14, (G)10. The update is adorable. Wish you well! You can find us at http://ourtaiwanbundleofjoy.blogspot.com/