Friday, August 14, 2009


When we were home in Florida we met up with 2 other families (Kathy's and Shana's) that I have met through my Yah@@ Gr*up. We  all adopted kids through the same agency and through the same program and we have "known" each other for a good 2 years at this point, so it was so cool to finally meet up with them. (We met Shana earlier in the year at Disn*y). We truly feel like we know each other and it's weird/cool how easy it is right from the get go. I LOVE LOVE my group!!! It the best source of support while going through the roller coaster that adoption is!! Thanks ladies and I HOPE we'll be seeing each other again soon!!! ( I feel like I should mention that Kathy has been vacationing with her family the same week each year for more than 25 years at a time share on Tre@sure Isl@nd, which is only about 20 minutes from my parents house...SMALL WORLD!!!!)

On Tuesday we met Kathy and her son Drew, as well as some of her other family members and friends at L*wry P@rk Z@@. While it was ridiculously hot, we had a nice time!!! The pictures below are uploaded in reverse order...sorry to confuse you!!! LOL

A farewell shot of the kids. (Brady, Skyla, Drew and Emily). As a side note, I TOTALLY think Brady had a crush on Emily b/c he followed her EVERYWHERE!!!! It's was really cute!!!

Brady LOVED playing in the water area at the end of the day and I have to say I was a bit surprised. Good thing I was prepared with water shoes and a change of clothes!!

this one CRACKS me up!!!!

Could he be any happier??? He came over to me shortly after this and wanted his shirt off!!

Kathy and Drew on the carousel

Drew and Brady running around in Africa!!

Brady and mommy on the carousel


African penguin

this kangaroo was so cute, he was standing there scratching his chest!!


skunks that were PEE EWWW STINKY!!!

my favorites, the manatees!!!

these white tigers were so playful!!!! I could have stayed there forever watching them, but Brady was ready to move on!! This is what I presume to be the mama, looking after her baby and the daddy

it was such a joy to watch them play!!!

these are quite possible the ugliest things I have ever seen.....bearded pigs!!!!

( you may have noticed that I recently started spelling words funny by putting @ or * in place of certain letters. I have just learned that if you do that, then my blog won't come up on someone's internet search of a specific place, so it's just a little precaution I've started)


Shana said...

I always wondered why people did the % and the @ in place of using the actual names of places. Is that true for blogs that are private too? Good to know.

Anyway, looks like such a fun day at the zoo. I am so bummed we missed it.

I also LOVE our group! Seeing you guys for the first time was just like seeing old friends. We were just like old friends getting together. It is awesome! Can't wait to see you in Feb.!

w8tn42and3 said...

wow ! What fun! If you ever venture to PA let us know!!!

Joe and Jane said...

What a great time! Wish we could have joined you!! Those white tigers were incredible by the way!