Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent with my family and it was a busy day!! The morning started with the kids checking out all the goods Santa left. The best gift Santa left, by far, was a kitchen and lots of accesories! Brady plays with the kitchen everday and makse some pretty awesome food!! Once we were finished with Santa's presents we started opening the family gifts, which was pretty much a whirlwind to me! Somehow I was in charge of passing out the gifts as well as opening my gifts and Emily's and of course whenever Brady needed help, it was always, "mommy"!!Once all of that ended my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Ranny and my 2 cousins and their families came over for the "white elephant" exchange and dinner! It was a nice day but I was certainly exhuasted when it was all done!!

our tree, which was overflowing!!

The gifts Santa left for Emily (on the left) and Brady (on the right) and the kitchen, which is for both of them!

Brady checking out the kitchen!

playing with kitchen accessories

OMG, he LOVES this microphone!!

playing with a stacking snowman

Emily with her Holly Moose from Bui!d @ Be@r

me with a serving plate from my brother (Brady took this picture!)

Emily with my cousin Steve and Greg

Pop Pop and Emily

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Joe and Jane said...

Brady looks so happy in that kitchen! Play kitchens are a fave in our house too!