Monday, January 18, 2010

Potty Training

We've been working on potty training here, so that's my excuse for not keeping up with the blog!! Things are going pretty well, especially considering this all started shortly after returned home with Emily and then of course had all of the holiday distractions to contend with. We very rarely have accidents in the house (unless he's in timeout, b/c of course he won't get out of time out for that, but yet he'll get out for a million other reasons!!) and we're working on being better when we are out and about. I guess I should confess that we have had to try and "go" outside on 2 separate occasions! The first time, we were on our way home from T@rget, one that is further away than our usual one, and when we were about 1/2 way home Brady decided he needed to "go". Well, it was SO SO cold out that the thought of getting both Brady and Emily out of their car seats and into their coats and then into a restroom didn't exactly thrill me, so instead I found a parking lot of a restaurant that was shielded nicely with some trees and I pulled Brady out, pulled his pants down and told him he could pee outside!!! LOL. Poor kid, I think it was so cold that he couldn't "perform"! He made it home and was able to do his business then! The second time we were at a playground at a park and there was no bathroom open near us, so again we used a tree for protection and tried, again with no luck. I figure this is a life lesson he needs to learn sooner or later!!! LOL

"Red" even uses the potty!!!

He's even cute on the potty!!!

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