Monday, January 18, 2010

More Snow!

We had an incredible amount of snow the weekend of Dec 18/19, which was nice on one hand, but boy did it kinda put a crimp in our holiday schedule!! My parents were supposed to fly in Saturday the 19th and ended up not getting here until Monday the 21st, so we "lost" 2 days with them and being able to get things done. Alan's parents were planning to drive down from CT on Saturday, but they, too, had to wait til Monday. Not to mention that all stores were closed on Sunday so we lost a day of shopping and then when the stores did re-open there was so much snow in the parking lots it was hard to find somewhere to park!!! On the flip side, Brady enjoyed playing in it, so I guess that makes it all worthwhile. I decided it was just too cold to even both taking Emily out, so there are no pictures of her in the snow.

All ready to go play in the snow!

A view down our really was pretty!!

Alan did a good job of shoveling!!!

having fun

sitting on a snow mountain

watching me from inside....I think I went out to measure the snow!

Chelsea LOVED all of the snow!!

that reads just about 7 inches and I think we got at least another 5 before all was said and done!

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