Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brady Says:

I am going to attempt to be better at documenting all of the cute, funny, silly, ridiculous etc things that Brady says. Here are a few things he's said recently:

"No, Emi-we"

"You are the specialist cooker ever, mommy" (after eating re-heated chili that had been in the freezer for who knows how long! At least he doesn't expect too much from me!!! LOL)

"We are BEST friends mommy"

"What do you want for your Birf-day mommy" (after hearing Olivia (the cartoon) talk about birthdays)

"Mommy, let's watch Ice Age....I LOVE movies"

"Mommy, it's a nice day out today. It's awfully pleasant."

"Mommy, I wuv you. You are a princess"!!!


Robin said...

Awww. The last one is the best. Too cute

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

awww :) so cute :)

Joe and Jane said...

Oh, is he the sweetest or what?

Shana said...

Love the quotes!! You will be so glad that you are writing them down (i.e. blogging them) because they say so much and there is just no way to remember other than writing it down. That's why I love Jane's "Jia-isms" and have stolen that idea from her:)

Stefanie said...

"It's awfully pleasant""?!?!?! That is hilarious! Good job writing these down :-)