Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I took both kids in for check ups on Feb 24th and I'm happy that both are VERY healthy!! Emily was in for her 9 month check up and she weighed 19 lbs and was 27 1/4 inches long. Both of these measurements put her in the 50-75th percentile!! During the visit the doctor and I had a funny conversation that went like this:

Dr: "Is she starting to pull to a stand?"
Me: "Um, how 'bout she's starting to walk!"
Dr: " OH! I'm sorry"

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing!!! LOL Otherwise, Emily is a very healthy, happy baby who is definitely on track both growth wise and development wise!!

Brady was in for his 3 year check up and weighed 31 lbs and is 36 inches tall or since this puts him in the 25 percentile, maybe I should say short!! I do find it interesting that the 31 lbs puts him in the 75-90th percentile....really?? The kid is pretty little if you ask me, but whatever, I'll go with it!! Brady definitely did not like when the doctor was checking out his privates... he started crying and wanted nothing to do with it, but the doctor ultimately was able to accomplish what he needed to!

So, we've got two healthy kids....life is good!! :-)


Joe and Jane said...

Yay for two healthy kids!!

Stefanie said...

Glad the check-ups went well! Too funny about the "is she pulling to stand?" question ;-)

Proud Mama & Papa said...

That's great!! Bella had her three year on Monday and she was 32lbs and 36" tall. I said "wow, we are losing ground in the height department" and since the girl is nothing but belly, I got a tiny lecture about cutting back snacks or opting for more fruits and veggies for snacks vs. goldfish or graham crackers. She eats a ton of fruits and veggies with meals, so I figured her snacks could be something else.

The girl is just now wearing 2T pants but wears a 4T shirt because she is all tummy.