Saturday, August 14, 2010

Florida Vacation~Day 1~ Love Connection

We were in Florida from July 23-31 to visit my parents and of course, our friends. Since we are not getting home as often as we used to, it's getting harder and harder to see everyone that we'd like to see, so this year I decided to email ALL of our friends and tell them we'd be at a certain beach bar on Saturday night and we'd love to see whoever could make it. LOTS of our friends came out to see us and it was SO nice to see SO many of our friends!! We will definitely be doing the same thing next year!!

Our good friends, Kevin and Donna, who have a daughter, Shae, who is about 2 months younger than Emily, came out to see us. We were so excited to get the girls together, but apparently Shae and Brady had something else in mind!!! See for yourself.....

this was Brady's greeting to Shae

Just look at him, being all "bashful" LOL

you can see his grin even though he's not looking at the camera!!

Um, I'm pretty sure he's liking the fact that she's got her hands on him!! LOL

Shae, going for a "behind the back hug"

She got it!!! :-)

Now, I think Emily is getting a bit jealous!

Look, he's TOTALLY dissing his sister for a potential girlfriend!! LOL

Emily decided the grouper nuggets were better than her brother!!! LOL

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Stefanie said...

It does look like a love connection was potentially made ;-)