Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Day 3~ Boc@ Gr@nde

On Tuesday we made the decision to drive about 2 hours south to go to a beach to do some shelling. My parents had been to this beach a few weeks prior and my mom found some of the coolest shells and Brady was SO excited to look for some of his own. The beach was really nice and not very crowded at all. The kids LOVED the water and the sand and looking for shells, even though we didn't have the luck my mom did. We packed a picnic lunch, which thrilled Brady...he had been wanting to have a "picmic" lunch for quite some time....and then we got milkshakes for the drive home!! :-) I guess we spent about 4 hours there so we felt like the drive wasn't too bad and I think we'd consider going again the next time we go "home".

Emily dug right in....literally!!

"what mom?".....Brady and Alan in the background heading into the water.

digging, digging, digging

"who me?"

time for mom and Emily to cool off with Brady!!

I SO LOVE this picture!! I happen to have a very similar one of Brady in my parents pool from last year!

Mom and Emily

"Hi Mommy!"

The story of Emily's hat: I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with this hat on the rack at @ld N@vy a few months ago and really, really wanted to buy it, but it was $10.50 and that seemed a bit pricey for a hat I wasn't even sure she'd wear, but I bought it anyway...in the only size they had, 3-6 months. I told myself it looked big and Emily's head wasn't that big!! LOL. ( remember, I said I really, really wanted it). So I brought it home and tried it on and of course it didn't fit!! I was proud of myself for not forcing it to fit on her head!!! A few days later I returned the hat and then went back and looked in the baby section and lo and behold they another one in 6-12 months!!!! YIPPPPEEEEEE, I was SO SO excited!!! And this time it fit!!!! I'm pretty sure the first time she wore it was 4th of July weekend and wouldn't you know, she LOVES it!! It is THE ONLY hat she will keep on her head....seriously!!! I have gotten SO many compliments when she wears it too, so now that $10.50 seems like the best $10.50 I've ever spent!!!!


KB said...

It's her very own Brett Michael's hat. Jenny P. would be jealous.

Shana said...

I have seen Emily in the hat in person and it is amazing! In fact, when I first met her the first thing I noticed was the hat! Well worth the money, I say:) She is so stinkin' cute!!!