Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Day 4~ Bu$ch G@rden$

On Wednesday we headed to Tampa to go to Bu$ch G@rden$ (BG)....we had 4 "free" tickets we won at an auction last summer. OMG, it was SO hot that we were all dripping with sweat within about 5 minutes. I quickly remembered why we stayed away from all the theme parks in the middle of summer when we lived there!!! BG had recently opened a new kiddie area with all the characters from Se$ame $treet so we headed in that direction first. It was really nice and had a good amount of rides for the little kids. They had a cool climbing thing with really long rope bridges that Brady braved with a little help from me (which was not my brightest move since I had very recently torn my ACL!). After we were done with the kiddie area we got some lunch and then tried to ride some regular rides, but that never happened. Brady, my parents and I were in line for the jungle safari ride and we're pretty close to the front when Brady said he had to go to the bathroom, and of course there wasn't one very convenient so we had to bail. Just after that my parents had to head home b/c my dad had a meeting to get to. The 4 of us then decided we'd ride the train and wouldn't you know it, we were boarding the train and then the inclement weather announcement came!!!! UGH, can you say bad luck!!! At this point we decided maybe we should just head home so we started heading in the direction of the exit but had to make a detour in a shop to wait out the rain...it was a doozy, so we were just happy we were all dry. It also gave Emily some time to nap in her stroller!!! Once the rain stopped we officially went home! All in all it was a fun day!!!

Brady at the entrance

touching some lizard type animal in a little Australian outpost

Brady and Alan on the Grover rollercoaster. (my memory card was full just after this shot so I didn't get a picture of them going by....grrrrr!)

Brady on the car ride....he really like this one!!!

I guess I should teach him to keep both hands on the wheel!!!

all of the characters paraded in before a show

all of the gang dancing

Emily and Daddy having fun

Emily REALLY liked the show!

the carousel on the other hand, she's not so sure of!

but Brady LOVES it!

Brady asked to have his picture take on these hippos

Emily sleeping during the storm!!!! (btw, her hair is wet from sweat!!! That's how hot it was!!)

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Shana said...

Looks like fun but I can't beleive that you have forgotten your Floridian roots this soon and ventured to a theme park in the summer?! OH NO!! That's why we get seasonal passes with blackout dates in the summer, lol:)

When you visit again in winter you will swear you will never do summer again:)