Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So one day last week we decided to play in the basement because it was too hot to be outside (code red air quality) and we were bored with the toys upstairs! We all had a good time!

So much to do that Brady has to has to play with different things in each hand!

Look at that smile!! Makes my heart melt every time I see it!

Even Chelsea has a toy basket in the basement, so she was looking for just the right toy.....

The KONG!! It was so cute to watch Brady and Chelsea play together. Chelsea would bring the Kong to Brady and he would give it back to her and she'd take it again and so on.

Brady absolutely loves his house that he got from Uncle Eric and Aunt Pam...it was in their attic from the days of Preston and Ashley using it. THANKS!!

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Shana said...

You must love the basement now that you have one!! I have always evied basement owners, being a Floridian, those don't exist, as you know. Sounds sooo fun!