Thursday, August 21, 2008


We had a conference call with our soon to be new agency, Gladney, this evening. In my opinion the call went very well. We spoke with the President and Vice President and they were both very open and honest...something they promise to be throughout the rest of our process. They also promised to "over-communicate", if there is such a thing and I think this is a big key factor because if there is one thing that our other agency lacked, it was communication. The biggest news of all is that there will NOT be any extra fees associated with this transition if/when it happens...they are absorbing ALL of Commonwealth's debts and will honor all payments made to date! As far as the transition happening, both gentlemen feel that it will indeed go through as Gladney has already been communicating with the Taiwan partner agency and they have also made some good faith payments to the orphanages. It is of their opinion that Taiwan would not be communicating with them and inviting them over if they weren't planning on going through with the transition, and I have to sort of agree. The VP is leaving for Taiwan tomorrow with Ray, from our "old" agency so we're hoping for the best while they are there. The plan is to have another conference call with Gladney in about 2 weeks once they have returned from Taiwan so they can address further questions at that time. Assuming the transition goes through we should have a new case worker by the first week of September!! All in all, I am taking this as good news and feel very good/relieved about this transition. I'll keep you all up date on any further developments.


K said...

Yay! Glad to hear position news.

K said...

Er, positive news.

Some sleep would help me.

Shana said...

Oh, Beth, I am soooo happy to hear the conference call went so well. It sound like it will all be a go. Gladney does have a great reputation and I am glad to hear they will "over-communicate" with you. If that is the case, I am sure all the TW families will be in shock:) Can't wait for September news!