Monday, August 25, 2008

Dancin' to Shaggy!!

I took this video the other day in the car....apparently Brady likes Shaggy!!! He was "jammin" to many of the songs, it was really pretty cute. (to hear the music in the car, pause the songlist on the left of the page) Jim and've got to be happy about this!!! : )



Joe and Jane said...

I love all the kicking! Too cute!

Your comment on our blog made me laugh. Nope, I didn't make the cake. That would be WAY too much work!

Shana said...

OMG!! That is the cutest thing ever! The kid has got some moves and some good taste in music.

Stefanie said...

Brady just keeps getting cuter:-) I like seeing his long legs kicking to the tunes! And he just has the best smile!

Deepshiite said...

very cute.