Monday, September 29, 2008


A few weekends ago we went to the International Children's Festival at Wolftrap and it so much fun...we can't wait to go back next year!! Brady was a bit on the young side this year, so it'll be that much better from here on out. This year the countries represented were China, Finland, Ghana and Jordan and each country had a make and take craft/project for the kids to do. There was also a technology exhibit with lots of cool things in there, most of which Brady was too young for. The one thing he could do and we thought he would do, was make a music video!! Of course when the music came on he just stood there...go figure! Every other time music comes on the kid starts dancing away, but when he gets the chance to make a video he freezes!!! There were also performances to see and the one we checked out was really was a band whose instruments were made from found objects! The music they were able to make was totally awesome!! This is one event that we be on the calendar each and every year!!

Daddy and Brady making the event poster.

The finished project

Here I am working on the Chinese project

Alan is finishing the Chinese project here

Brady getting a balloon "tattoo"!

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