Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last Friday Kristi, Margi and I took all the kids (minus Ty because he's in Kindergarten now) to Jumpworks for some bouncing fun! As usual all the kids had fun and I got a workout too because Brady needs help with lots of the stuff. That's okay though because Blake is having his birthday party there this weekend so Alan will be on "bounce duty" for that so that I can socialize!! The cool thing about this bounce place is that they have about 5 different bounce houses set up and each one was different....a princess castle with slide, a panda bounce house, a pirate ship with slide, a medieval type castle complete with dragon that is a giant slide so high there was no way I could hold Brady and get both of us up the steps, so Alan gets that job this weekend, and one more that I can't remember at the moment. They also have an area that has some bouncy toys for the little kids, which is nice. I have a feeling we'll be going back to this place during the cold winter months!!

Brady had fun playing with these giant bouncy ball things with handles.

Brady and Kyle in the panda bounce house. They liked it when I was inside bouncing them around!

Brady loved this bouncy horses...I'd love to know where I can get one for him!!

At the bottom of the princess castle slide...I think that smile says it all!!

Another shot of Brady and Kyle in the panda bounce house.


Chris said...

He is just SOOOOO darn cute-love that smile-does he ever get himself out of trouble by flashing that smile at ya???

K said...

That looks great. We are totally going with you next time, assuming I can keep everyone healthy!

Doreen said...

Hey Beth,
I was just checking out the lastest Brady blogs, he's gotten so big and adorable! I hope all of you are doing great in VA. It sounds like you've really settled in and made a lot of friends.
I found this on Amazon, don't know if you've seen it yet or if you are still looking for it...
Anyway, hugs to all of you, hope to see you again!
Take care,