Monday, June 29, 2009

Gift Swap!!

Some of the ladies on my Yahoo group are participating in a monthly gift swap. Each month is a different theme and each month we get a new secret buddy to shop for!!! This month the theme was "Bedtime" and Robin sent some lovely things for Emily as well as a cool Bedtime Stories CD for Brady, which I thought was SO nice!!! Brady had so much fun opening his gift and then seeing what his "baby sister Emily" got!!! :-) THANKS Robin, we LOVED everything!!!!

Brady opening his CD

Look at the wonderful things Robin sent for Emily!!! That blanket is SOOOOO  soft!!!! You can't quite see them, but the feet the of pj's have little bears on them....sooo cute!!!

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Shana said...

What a great idea! I wish we would have thought of that our first time around with Brady and Mia and Kyan:( What fun! Great gifts from Robin too!