Monday, June 1, 2009


Two or three times in the last month or so I have gone into Brady's room when he wakes up in the morning or after nap to find him with no shirt on, or almost no shirt on. One time he even managed to get his diaper off!!! The day I took the second set of pictures, I actually went into his room because he was saying, "STUCK" over and over. Now, he says this ALOT and 90% of the time he's not in any way stuck, but I could tell from the video monitor that he was in a precarious position, so I figured I better go check it out!!! Of course when I got in there and saw him, I told him, "mommy will be right back", so I could go get my camera!!! LOL

These two pictures are after a good nights sleep!!! :-)

These are the "stuck" pictures!!! You can see in the top one he was scared, but when I started to laugh he thought it was funny too!!!


Stefanie said...

Oh my gosh, Beth, that "stuck" picture is absolutely hilarious!!! I love that he was scared until you laughed and then he decided it was OK after all :-) Too cute!
Sounds like I am in for it soon - Eiley has started undressing her baby dolls, so I suppose it's just a matter of time.

Karin and Rob said...

Oh, how CUTE!!! Ryan often announces that things are "stuck" too.

Joe and Jane said...

Oooo, pretty soon you might be putting on one-piece jammies on him backwards like I have to do to Willa now!