Friday, June 5, 2009


OMG!!!! Yesterday at 2:30pm our case worker, Lindsay, called to say she had a referral for us and THEN she said it was a GIRL!!!!! My hands were literally shaking!!!! We TOTALLY thought we would get another boy so this was a SHOCK, but we couldn't be any more thrilled!!! 

On to the details: she was born 4/30/09 so she was just 5 weeks old yesterday. She weighed 7.49lbs and was 18.89 inches long!!

And now on to the rest of the story of "the call". Lindsay called my cell phone and she asked me if I wanted her to try and conference Alan in, so of course I said "sure", but I knew he was in a meeting so I didn't think he'd answer, but I thought that maybe if he saw a NY number calling he would. No such luck. So, I also tried calling from the home phone with no luck. Then Lindsay asks if I want he to go on with the details and OF COURSE, I said "YES"!!!!  So she told me all the birth details and some of the info on the birth mom and said she was sending an email with the pics, video and medicals. Meanwhile I have updated my FaceBook status to "OMG OMG OMG OMG", which of course piqued people's curiosity. And I have to give a SHOUT OUT to my friend Kathy, who is another adoptive mom with a son from "Brady's Class" (if you want to see how cute he is, check out the blog to the left titled Journey of a Lifetime), b/c she was online and I was "chatting" with her about the whole thing!!! She knew the details before Alan!!! LOL But I am SOOOO glad she was there because my head was spinning, in a good way, and it was pre-occupying me from looking at the pictures since I was TRYING to wait for Alan so we could look at them at the same time! I even called a friend that works with Alan to see if they could help me get ahold of Alan, but he didn't have any luck either!!

So, Alan FINALLY calls and he's like, "you rang"? And I say, "ah, yeah, we have a referral" and he says, "OH" and then I said "it's a GIRL" and he said, "REALLY?" Then I think the next statements out of his mouth were, "now we have to get all new stuff and pay for a wedding"!!!! LOL Typical male!!!!

Now I have some VERY cool coincidences to share about this referral. First of all, some of you know that we received a referral last month of a little boy who had a medical condition that Alan and I were not 100% comfortable with, so we made the difficult decision of declining that referral. We knew at the time that we made the right decision, but that fact that we received a referral of a little girl this time, just made it that much more clear!!! EVERYTHING happens for a reason!!!

Secondly, yesterday was Alan's Dad's Birthday!!! 

Thirdly, the last name of this little girl is Alan's Grandmother's maiden (?) name and Alan's Dad's middle name!!!!! 

And lastly, the birthmom was very happy that Alan is Asian. You might think this is an obvious point, but it NEVER came up with Brady's adoption!!!

I'm pretty sure that all the stars were aligned for us yesterday!!! As I said we couldn't be more thrilled!!! And I CANNOT wait to buy some of the cute as can be girl clothes I see every time I go to Gymboree!!!! LOL Alan thinks Brady has a lot of clothes....he ain't seen nothing yet!!!! LOL

Oh, and if you are wondering about names....NO IDEA!!!! LOL

Without further ado, here she is!!!!!
Look at those CHEEKS!!!!

SO sweet!

THOSE CHEEKS!!! This one actually reminds me of one of Brady's referral pics!!!

these 2 were taken shortly after birth and the others above were taken more recently.


Karin and Rob said...

OMG, Beth, she is BEAUTIFUL!!! And you weren't kidding about those cheeks! Congraulations to you and Alan and big brother Brady! We look forward to following along in your second journey.

Michelle said...

Congrats congrats congrats!!

Katie said...

Congrats again Beth! I love hearing the story of the phone call and reactions! You better go shopping!

wendy wisniewski said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I am friends with Katherine and Bjorn and oddly, just clicked on to your blog today to read this amazing post. Congratulations!!! What an amazing day.

We are also parents of two adoptive kids. Two boys. One adopted from Vietnam in 1996 and the second adopted from Cambodia in 1998. It has been an amazing journey. Your post brought back so many emotions. I too, had to take the second call about Henry without George. It was making me crazy before I get in touch with him. Can't believe that it was almost 11 years ago.
I haven't read through the rest of your blog, so curious as to where Brady and BG (baby girl) are adopted from.
You can see pictures of our guys on my blog if you're curious. Amazingly, they do grow up!!

Robin said...

Yahoo!!! She is just so adorable. I LOVE her cheeks. Such a sweet baby girl.

Shana said...

Beth, I literally got chills when you wrote about Alan's family name being connected to your daughter!You are right, you were meant to be with her and she was meant to be with you. We have similar things that give us chills about Kyan, Mia and Haley (really,all 3!). And we feel the same way, they were meant to be ours.

Huge Congrats! We are over the moon happy for you all! Brady will be such a great big bro:)

Anonymous said...

Omg, congratulations!!!! We are just starting this process and are super excited to be in the spot that you are in! I just found your blog today, and to see that post right away it was amazing and uplifting! Thanks for sharing, it gives us all hope!

Once again, CONGRATS!!!!!

Our Second Miracle said...

Congratulations!!! She is precious!!

Kathy said...

I cried again just reading about it. Sniff, sniff... now get going on that dossier, girl!

Anonymous said...

I looked at your blog again to look at your beautiful baby girl! She is gorgeous as can be, and honestly it gives us all waiting strength!

I know I said it before, but really congratulations we are so excited for the both of you.

Though you don't know us, we are proud to hear this good news of yours as if we've known you forever!

Joe and Jane said...

What wonderful connections that you already have to your daughter! Bring on the shopping!

Sarah said...

I came on a link from Kathy's blog where she shared your great news!!! Those LIPS... those CHEEKS! Absolutely beautiful!

My husband is sleeping... but I just might wake him up to tell him about what your husband said when he found out he was going to have a little girl. "Now we have to get all new stuff and pay for a wedding." That's priceless!

Stefanie said...

Beth, she is just too beautiful for words!!! It is obvious that she is meant to be your daughter! Congratulations to you and Alan and big brother Brady! I really want to squeeze those cheeks :-) We are so very happy for you. YIPPEE!

Debberoo said...

What a sweetie!

Dunns said...
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Dunns said...

She is so, so, beautiful!!! I love those lips! they are so beautiful!! She looks a like my little chewy cheeks - too cute!


Dianne said...

Congratulations!!! She is beautiful. She is 8 years younger than our daughter from Vietnam, her birthday is 4/30/01. Again, congratulations!!!