Monday, June 29, 2009


Brady is going to Soccer Tots again and LOVING it this time!!! We switched locations, which also means we have a new "coach". I really, really like this coach, especially compared to the last one we had!!! Coach has SO much energy and it really seems to get Brady that much more involved. I swear I can already tell that Brady has improved since the first session and it's just so cool to watch him grow and improve!! The first week we went it was just Brady and one other little boy, then the next 2 weeks it was just Brady, which was both good and bad. The last two weeks my friends daughter Leah has been with us, which has been fun/good for all of us!!! (Leah had been in the class right after ours with the 3 year olds, but was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of kids so her mom thought being with just Brady would be good for her, and so far she seems to be doing better). After class we sometimes go to Target and then out for lunch, so it's turned into a whole morning!! LOL Check out our future soccer star!!!

Doing his "butterfly" stretch

"tick tocking" (dribbling)

coming through the tunnel (this is part of an obstacle course)

NICE kick!!!!

at the end of class they always get to play with bubbles!!!! Of course this is always a big hit!! :-)


KB said...

How cool is that? Is that a class through the county?

Shana said...

What fun! Brady is too cute!

Stefanie said...

That picture of Brady butterfly stretching might be the cutest thing I've seen!!! Glad it is going so well :-)