Friday, February 12, 2010

Anim@l Kingd@m

Brady's request for his Birthday was to go to Anim@l Kingd@m so that's what we did! My mom stayed back at the condo with Emily so Alan and I could both spend the day with him (my dad was with us too)! The day started off just fine but by about 2 or 3 in the afternoon it started pouring so we headed back to the condo.

These pictures are all from the safari ride, which Brady loves!!! It's great to go on this first thing b/c all of the animals are out and about!!

the male lion was even roaring for cool!!!

Some more pictures from around the park:

The lady was "hiding" in the bushes on one of the walkways!!! Pretty cool!!

a silverback gorilla

the Dad's took the kids on the dino ride

Brady zonked out while he was hanging out with my dad while the rest of us rode the Jur@ssic P@rk ride. He woke up in time to see the Bug$ L*fe show, which he really loved and is STILL talking about!!! When we came out of the show it was POURING so our day was over!!

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